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Adoption Agencies Semmes AL

When considering adoption, keep an open mind about whether to adopt domestically or internationally. There are children all around the world in need of good homes. Check below for related information, products and services.

Alabama Department Of Human Resources
(334) 415-3500
Mobile, AL
Adoption Support Group
Mobile, AL
Catholic Social Services
(334) 434-1550
Mobile, AL
Fact Finders Investigations
Mobile, AL
Beth Marietta Lyons
(334) 476-7857
Mobile, AL
A Womans Choice Pc
(334) 633-3607
Mobile, AL
Consulate Of The Dominican Republic In Alabama
(334) 433-8894
Mobile, AL
Donna S. Ames
(251) 343-3360
Mobile, AL
Center For Reproductive Medicine
(334) 438-4200
Mobile, AL
David P. Broome
(334) 432-9933
Mobile, AL

Adopted Child, Adopting an Older Child and Raising Adopted Children

Adopting an Older Child

Adoption is increasingly becoming an option for many parents. While it is a popular choice for single parents and same-sex couples who want to raise children, many opposite-sex couples are also making an active choice for adoption of older children.

Bringing home an older adopted child for the first time requires care. The first few weeks, especially, are crucial. Your approach during this time will significantly impact the relationship your adopted child will share with his or her new family. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Prepare your children in advance: If you already have children, it is important that you talk to them about the new arrival in advance. Prepare them on how they should interact with the adopted child.

  • Assert your role as parent: Establish your role as the parent right from day one. While this may seem difficult, it is important that you combine love with firmness and lay down rules for your child to follow. This is especially important with older kids.

  • Distribute chores and duties: Participating in household chores and duties will help your adopted child integrate with your family. It will also help prevent any resentment in your children.

  • Adapt to your adopted child's needs: Many older children who have been placed in foster care may have a history of neglect or abuse and may be averse to display of intimacy or touch. It is important that you respond sensitively...

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