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Baby Bedding Mosinee WI

Local resource for baby bedding in Mosinee, WI. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to crib bedding sets, nursery décor, girl crib bedding, boy crib bedding, cradle bedding, crib mattresses, and crib mattress pads, as well as advice and content on decorating a nursery and nursery themes.

The Green Baby Store
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Wausau and surrounding areas
Wausau, WI

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Rod Herman's Green Valley Upholste
(715) 384-9200
878 S County Rd S
Mosinee, WI
Wausau Upholstery
(715) 675-7216
1310 Cherry St
Wausau, WI
Kasen's Bittersweet Antique Furniture
(715) 359-2777
8705 Bittersweet Rd
Wausau, WI
Norm and Lisa's Refinishing
(715) 842-9009
132 Bertha St
Wausau, WI
The Green Baby Store
(715) 551-2883
Wausau, WI
Freedom Furniture Refinishing
(715) 359-4494
1215 Grand Ave
Schofield, WI
Handcrafted Furniture Company
(715) 845-7005
150 S 84th Ave
Wausau, WI
The Home Depot
2705 Sherman Street
Wausau, WI
Mon-Sat: 6:00am-9:00pm
Sun: 8:00am-8:00pm

Dietmeyer Upholstery Service & Suppl
(715) 446-3850
R5340 Club House Rd
Ringle, WI
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Baby Bedding, Parent's Guide on Choosing Baby Bedding for Kids.

Baby Bedding: A Buyer's Guide

Your baby spends the major part of the day in bed, sleeping. Therefore, it is important that the baby bedding you provide your child is comfortable, as well as easy to maintain. These are some commonly available options of baby bedding:

Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets and blankets form a basic requirement for your baby's bedding. They can be indispensable in helping you maintain a comfortable temperature for your baby. This is because they can be used in layers, allowing you to add or remove them from your baby's bedding according to your needs. While you can easily buy cotton sheets in sizes that are appropriate for use as baby bedding, in a pinch, you can also cut them out from normal bed sheets meant for adults.

Pillows and Cushions

While an assortment of cushions surrounding your child may look adorable, resist the temptation to use them as baby bedding. Cushions and pillows are known to increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Besides, too many cushions in your baby's bedding may also make it too hot. If you must include a pillow as part of your baby's bedding, remember, a firm one is preferable to a soft one.

Baby Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are another option for your baby's bedding. An advantage with using them is that your baby will not be able to throw it off as with a simple cover or quilt. But we're not talking about camping sleeping bags. If you decide to...

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