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Baby Furniture Kalamazoo MI

Baby furniture comes in many different styles. Baby furniture and nursery furniture include items such as baby cribs, changing tables, rockers, baby dressers, convertible cribs, and bassinets. Read on to learn more and to gain access to local retailers in Kalamazoo, MI that sell baby furniture.

Babies R Us
5890 S. Westnedge
Portage, MI
Babies R Us 6469 - Portage
(269) 382-2187
5890 S. Westnedge Ave.
Portage, MI
Target - Galesburg 0587
12905 East L Avenue
Galesburg, MI
Wright's Upholstery
(269) 345-7845
1003 Douglas Ave
Kalamazoo, MI
Kavanaugh's Furniture Service
(269) 226-0291
9590 Douglas Ave
Kalamazoo, MI
Tot To Teen Village
(269) 381-7800
229 W. Kilgore
Kalamazoo, MI
Toys R Us
6207 South Westnedge Av
Portage, MI
Gazley Upholstery & Canvas
(269) 381-0207
3746 Lester Rd
Kalamazoo, MI
Vanderberg Co
(269) 381-3674
109 N Riverview Dr
Kalamazoo, MI
Craftsman's Guild
(269) 344-1880
1010 Edison St
Kalamazoo, MI

Baby Nursery, Setup Tips and Ideas for Baby Nursery

Baby Nursery Setup Tips

For most parents it can be an enjoyable experience to set up a baby nursery. A baby nursery will provide a safe corner for your baby to romp and play. For this reason, it is important that you put in adequate thought and care into setting up your baby's nursery.

Here are some things you will require to furnish a baby nursery:

  • To start with, the most essential thing your baby's nursery will need is a crib. Ensure that the crib you invest in subscribes to safety standards. Ensure that the bars are not too wide apart-2 and 3/8 inches. The rails should be high enough to prevent your baby from crawling out. Also, buy a mattress and linen for the crib.

  • A changing table will be another essential item for your baby nursery. Again, safety should be paramount-safety belts and a guardrail will prevent your baby from falling off. The changing table should always store clean diapers, powder, baby creams, and other accessories you require to change your baby's diapers. Having the garbage can (or diaper genie) for dirty diapers and a laundry hamper nearby will be convenient for you.

  • Have a soft night-lamp in your baby nursery. Lamps with adjustable brightness are best as they allow you to brighten the light if required.

  • A mobile hung over the crib will not only keep your child engrossed, but also help to develop your baby's senses .

  • You can decorate the walls of your baby nursery with bright pi...

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