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Babysitter Stafford VA

Babysitters provide a needed respite to busy and tired parents. Below you can find nanny and babysitting services in Stafford, VA that provide nannies, babysitters, event childcare, residential childcare, and hotel childcare, as well as infant specialists and traveling nannies, and advice and content on childcare.

Stafford KinderCare
(866) 200-7213
318 Garrisonville Road
Stafford, VA

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Red Apple Preschool
(540) 752-1487
107 Autumn Dr
Stafford, VA

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Miss Wiggles Child Care
(540) 752-8193
103 Stonehaven Dr
Fredericksburg, VA

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Children's House Of Old Town
(540) 373-0093
312 Sophia St
Fredericksburg, VA

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Minnieland Academy - Salem Fields
(540) 785-2244
7030 Bluefield Dr.
Fredericksburg, VA
Cultural Care Au Pair
(540) 720-9383
kelly way
Stafford,Fredericksburg, VA
(888) 365-9316
318 Garrisonville Rd
Stafford, VA

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Falmouth Baptist Weekday Pre
(540) 373-8050
302 Colonial Ave
Fredericksburg, VA

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Kid's Station
(540) 371-8639
1100 Sam Perry Blvd
Fredericksburg, VA

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Dawning Point Early Childhood
(540) 786-5942
916 Maple Grove Dr
Fredericksburg, VA

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Babysitter Basic for Parents, Find Babysitter Information and Babysitting Services

Babysitter Basics for Parents

All parents, at some point or the other, will need to hire the services of a babysitter. However, for many parents, this is easier said than done.

Finding the Right Babysitter

A babysitter essentially fills in for you, the parent, during your absence. To ensure that your child is in safe hands, it is essential that you get the right babysitter for the job. To do so:

  • Find out about potential babysitters by asking relatives, friends, colleagues, or community organizations.

  • Choose a babysitter based on the needs of your child and their age. It's easier to baby sit a nine-year old than a baby.

  • Do not hire the first candidate who responds. Take time to screen candidates until you are sure that you have found a babysitter who is best for your child.

  • Look for someone who has the required credentials. A candidate with a certificate in babysitting, for instance, is likely to be more professional and competent. At the same time, don't rely on classroom training alone to judge a babysitter or nanny. Sometimes, babysitting skills are more natural than learned. 

  • Always crosscheck references provided by a potential babysitter.

  • A very good test is to introduce the candidate to your child. This will allow you to evaluate how the prospective babysitter interacts with your child .

Preparing the Babysitter

Before leaving your child in the care of the babysitter you have...

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