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Family Counseling Mercedes TX

Family counseling helps family members to resolve conflicts and solve communication problems. Families in counseling work to resolve issues and function better as a family unit. Read on to lean more and to find licensed family therapists in Mercedes, TX who provide family therapy.

Labeau Joseph Counseling
(956) 536-8959
1429 Tucker Rd
Harlingen, TX
Life Stags Conuseling
(956) 200-7884
2407 Haine Dr
Harlingen, TX
New Hope Counseling Service
(956) 412-2494
2401 N Ed Carey Dr Ste C
Harlingen, TX
Exodus Project Counseling Center
(956) 425-1430
1309 E Tyler Ave Ste E
Harlingen, TX
Methodist Healthcare Ministries
(956) 440-1686
717 W Harrison Ave
Harlingen, TX
Christians In Action
(956) 425-3576
104 Tamm St
Harlingen, TX
Family Crisis Center Inc
(956) 423-9304
616 W Taylor St
Harlingen, TX
Cavazos Alonza
(956) 454-5657
1002 E Flynn Ave
Harlingen, TX
Baptist Child & Family Services
(956) 365-4810
3700 E Harrison Ave
Harlingen, TX
Lopez Migdalia
(956) 425-9554
1314 E Harrison Ave
Harlingen, TX

Parenting advice tips for spending more time talking to your kids

Parenting advice tips for spending more time talking to your kids

John Thompson

Talking to a teenager can be difficult, although experts say itA recent British study has found that children who spend the most time with their dads are happier than kids who have less face time with their fathers.

According to the NY Daily News, researchers from the Children's Society in Great Britain found that kids' happiness is linked to how much time they spend talking to their dads. Kids who chat with their fathers "most days" rated their overall happiness at 87 out of 100, while kids who "rarely" talk to their dads rated themselves a 79 on the happiness scale.

While the teen years can be especially difficult for parents trying to keep the lines of communication open with their sons and daughters, researchers say the study indicates the importance of talking with teens since it affects their relationships later in life.

Fathers may want to consider some parenting advice for effectively communicating with their teens, according to

1. Be a good listener.
2. Respect your child's privacy.
3. Give him or her increasing independence.
4. Schedule times to talk about mundane topics, such as homework.
5. Focus on the positives before offering constructive criticism.

As for things to avoid when it comes to talking to teenagers, experts say don't nag or lecture them, and remember to keep confidences secret to ensure they'll keep confiding in you.

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