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Outdoor Activities Oviedo FL

There are outdoor activities for every season, climate and landscape. Types of outdoor activities include mountain climbing, rock climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, and ice climbing, as well as water sports like kayaking and canoeing. Read on to learn more and to find local resources in Oviedo, FL that give access to outdoor activities and outdoor recreation.

Complete Soccer Academy
645 Executive Park Ct
Apopka, FL
Big Oaks Ranch
(407) 365-8885
615 Grand Chenier Cove
Oviedo, FL
Custom Carriages Inc
(407) 568-2122
18754 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL
RV Liquidators
(407) 699-7007
1255 Belle Avenue Unit 189
Winter Springs, FL
Bike Works
(407) 696-6555
5950 Red Bug Lake Road
Winter Springs, FL
Tack Shack
(407) 366-1892
1405 North County Road 426
Oviedo, FL
POLI Wheel
(407) 365-1102
308 Aulin Avenue
Oviedo, FL
Bike Works
9100 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL
All Transmission World
(407) 281-0042
10938 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL
Sports Authority
(407) 281-1660
Waterford Towers, 610 N. Alafaya Trail
Orlando, FL
Golf Day Shop, Golf Simulator, Golf Trade-In Program, Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Delivery & Assembly
Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 9:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Holiday hours may vary.

Top 5 Tips for Dads at the Beach

Top 5 tips for dads at the beachA trip to the beach is supposed to a time to simply relax and revel in the natural beauties of a vacant landscape. Facing the vast expanse of sand and sea, it's easy to just enjoy the sun on your face and forget about all of your responsibilities in the office buildings and homes that clutter your inland turf.

Of course, not every trip to the beach goes like it's supposed to, and as fathers know, nothing can change your plans more quickly than a posse of kids for whom you're responsible.

Suddenly, your time spent sun tanning is cut short when you're called upon to remove the sand from your toddler's sandwich. In lieu of catching some waves, you may have to apologize to the woman who was just hit in the back with a football. And the one thing that can topple the overwhelming sense of comfort of a beach at sunset is the gargantuan libido of an adolescent in a bathing suit.

But because a day at the beach is a gift too precious to be squandered, be sure to strategize before heading out on the sandy battlefield. Remember, you only have a few months before a day at the beach means you're lost, not on vacation.

This summer, remember the top 5 ways to enjoy yourself at the beach:

1.) Have your kids bury each other: As a glorious gift to parents, kids actually enjoy being buried at the beach. Encourage your kids to do this early in the day, and take your time uncovering them. Of course, there will be one left above ground once this is completed, but otherwise it's just you and the surf.

2.) Bring sunglasses and a magazine: No, not to read - you can do that anywhere. This decoy ploy has for years allowed men to check out the beach babes without the wife knowing.

3.) Strategically apply suntan lotion: Do this in private at the beginning of the day, and then revel in your family's amusement that night as they see "Life's A Beach" tanned onto your chest.

4.) Pretend to lose your wed...

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