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Parenting Specialist Hilo HI

Parenting specialists help parents implement parenting plans, develop parenting skills, and manage family conflicts. Read on to find parenting specialists in Hilo that give access to parenting programs, advice on parenting styles, family crisises management, as well as advice and content on parent-child bonding.

Hawaii Family Health Inc
(808) 933-2399
50 Ululani St
Hilo, HI
Zalenski Michelle L Psy D
(808) 854-4824
101 Aupuni St Suite #309
Hilo, HI
Barfield Gay Leah
(808) 937-9461
101 Aupuni St Ste 250 1
Hilo, HI
Kamehameha Schools
(808) 935-5580
101 Aupuni St Ste 102
Hilo, HI
Ms. Cheyenne Akana
Cheyenne Akana, LCSW
(808) 941-1800
1806 S. King Street, Suite 24
Honolulu, HI
Credentials: LCSW
Licensed in Hawaii
11 Years of Experience
Problems Served
Anxiety/Panic Disorders, Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder, Autism/PDD, Behavioral Problems, Bipolar Disorders, Child Abuse and Neglect, Depression, Developmental Disability, Family Dysfunction, Interpersonal Relationships, Parenting Issues, Self
Populations Served
ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), Children of Divorce, Military/Veterans, Disabled, Caregivers, Step Families, Interracial Families/Couples, Biracial, Grandparents
Membership Organizations
Age Groups Served
Preschool (Under 6), Children (6-12), Adolescents (13-17), Young Adults (18-25), Adults (26-59)

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Effective Change LLC
(808) 934-7566
56 Waianuenue Ave Ste 207
Hilo, HI
Allene Kaplan, MA, LMFT
(808) 756-9288
122 Haili Street
Hilo, HI
Brittain Matthew MA DCSW LCSW
(808) 934-7566
56 Waianuenue Ave Suite 207
Hilo, HI
(808) 964-3000
260 Kamehameha Ave
Hilo, HI
Ms. Anita Laviola
Maui Counseling Group
(808) 249-2121
1787 Wili Pa Loop #7
Wailuku, HI
Credentials: QCSW, LCSW, CSAC
Licensed in Hawaii
20 Years of Experience
Problems Served
Addictions/Other (gambling, sex, etc.), Addictions/Substance, Anxiety/Panic Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Depression, Eating Disorders, Family Dysfunction, Grief/Loss, Interpersonal Relationships, Parenting Issues, Pregnancy/Childbirth, Sexual Abuse/Rape,
Populations Served
ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), Children of Divorce, Obese or Overweight
Membership Organizations
Age Groups Served
Adolescents (13-17), Young Adults (18-25), Adults (26-59)

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21 Potty Training Tips

21 Potty Training Tips

By GreatDad Writers

The Potty Trainer

Potty training experts are everywhere. Whether family, friends, or books are providing you advice, realize there are different approaches that can be tried. An approach that works for one child may not work for another. Others can provide advice, but most likely you know what approach will work best for your child. There are several helpful guidelines (tips) that can be tried for each child when trying to potty train. These include:

  • Plan on at least 3 days if you are trying to achieve quicker results.
  • Arrange your activities and prepare a schedule that will allow you to be patient and consistent�avoid all distractions like going to the store, answering the phone, dealing with sibling issues.
  • Potty Monkey
  • Make sure spouse, grandparents and babysitters understand your method and plan.
  • Make your child feel they have some control over the process.
  • Be consistent with your approach and stay with the program unless you are convinced it is not working.
  • Know when to give up and try at a later time.
  • Offer lots of fluids so child will have to go more often.
  • Make going to the potty fun�place targets in the potty, decorate the potty, sing.
  • Praise and reward AND praise and reward progress.
  • �Throw a party� the first few times your child uses the potty.
  • Keep your child company while on the potty.
  • Start both boys and girls sitting down on the potty.
  • Make sure the clothing is easy fo...

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