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Potty Chair Crete IL

Potty chairs help children with potty training, which is an essential step of child development. They come with features such as splashguards and non-skid bottoms. There are also portable potties available that are suitable for travel. See below to learn more and to find local retailers in Crete, IL that give access to potty chairs and other childcare products.

Crete Pre-School Co-Op
(708) 672-7706
1321 Main St
Crete, IL

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A Step Up Child Care (private)
(708) 759-7028
1319 park avenue
chicago heights , IL
Prices and/or Promotions
$8.00/per hr.

Roots & Wings
(708) 679-0441
215 Nashua St
Park Forest, IL

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Little Angels Early Learning Center
(708) 747-5751
424 Indianwood Blvd
Park Forest, IL

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(877) 440-1581
1031 Kostner Ave.
Matteson, IL

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All Of Tina's Tykes
(708) 755-0646
3036 Hopkins St
Steger, IL

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Nazarene Nursery School
(708) 481-3210
699 8th St
Chicago Heights, IL

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Learn And Play
(708) 748-7529
357 Lakewood Blvd
Park Forest, IL

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Cherie's Garden Daycare Inc
(219) 365-9700
10750 Arbor Ln
St John, IN

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Luv-A-Lot Home Daycare
(708) 557-0135
949 Bowling Green
Homewood, IL
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Potty Chair - 8 Tips on Buying a Potty Chair

Eight Tips on Buying a Potty Chair

By GreatDad Writers

The Potty Trainer
  • Sturdy- The chair must be able to be climbed on, be stood on, and be sat on without tipping over.

  • Collection Device- The best waste collector is large and easily removed to avoid spilling.

  • Arm Rests- These should generally be avoided since they allow the chair to tip.

  • Removable Seats- Potties with removable seats that adapt to a regular commode are nice for transitioning and comfort the child.

  • Musical Potties- Usually distract or confuse the child, but may make the potty fun.

  • Potty Monkey
  • Portable Potties- A nice feature but usually less stability and comfort.

  • Splash Guards- Guards for boys have caused many injuries and they are not necessary when a child leans forward.

  • Rewards- Always a good idea for young children who need positive reinforcement.

- Dr. D. Preston Smith

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