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Potty Training Slidell LA

Next to walking and talking, becoming potty trained is a huge milestone in a child’s development. Help them master the porcelain throne with training books and aids that allow children a sense of ease and accomplishment when potty training. Check below for related information, products and services.

Ms. Sarah Moran
Sarah B. Moran, LCSW, LMFT
(985) 626-8100
620 Live Oak Street
Mandeville, LA
Credentials: LCSW, LMFT
Licensed in Louisiana
13 Years of Experience
Problems Served
Child Abuse and Neglect, Couple or Marital Issues, Depression, Domestic Violence, Family Dysfunction, Interpersonal Relationships, Sexual Abuse/Rape, Stress, Trauma/PTSD, Personality Disorders
Populations Served
Children of Divorce, Military/Veterans
Membership Organizations
Age Groups Served
Adults (26-59)

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Walker Marsh
(985) 661-0560
Slidell, LA
Practice Areas
Addictions and Dependency, Clinical Mental Health, Couples & Family, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Disaster Counseling
National Certified Counselor
Language Proficiencies

Alesia Ballek
(985) 788-3702
Slidell, LA
Practice Areas
Addictions and Dependency, Childhood & Adolescence, Corrections/Offenders, Couples & Family, Sexual Abuse Recovery
National Certified Counselor

Dr Walker E Marsh Jr
(985) 606-9903
Northshore Family Counseling, LLC85 Whisperwood Blvd
Slidell, LA
Dissociative Disorders
School: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Year of Graduation: 2003
Years In Practice: 20+ Years
Patient Info
Ethnicity: Any
Gender: All
Age: Children (6 to 10),Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19),Adults,Elders (65+)
Average Cost
$90 - $100
Payment Methods
Sliding Scale: Yes
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Accepted Insurance Plans: APS Healthcare

Leigh Ann Martino Partridge
Slidell, LA
Practice Areas
Childhood & Adolescence, Clinical Mental Health, Couples & Family, School, Mental Health/Agency Counseling
National Certified Counselor

Linda Guidry
(985) 641-0619
Slidell, LA
Practice Areas
Childhood & Adolescence, Couples & Family, Rehabilitation, Depression/Grief/Chronically or Terminally Ill, Mental Health/Agency Counseling
National Certified Counselor

Mr. Foley L. Nash, M.Ed., LPC-S, LMFT-BAS
(985) 774-3252
1379 Corporate Square Blvd.
Slidell, LA
Addictions or Substance Abuse,Anger Management,Anxiety or Fears,Child or Adolescent Issues,Depression,Divorce,Loss or Grief,OCD,Relationship Issues,Trauma and PTSD
See Qualifications listed.
Membership Organizations
Foley L. Nash, LPC-S, LMFT-BAS

Lori Barthel
(504) 957-5566
Slidell, LA
Practice Areas
Childhood & Adolescence, Couples & Family, School, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Depression/Grief/Chronically or Terminally Ill
National Certified Counselor

W Stephen Kelly
(504) 621-7997
Slidell, LA
Practice Areas
Childhood & Adolescence, Couples & Family, School
National Certified School Counselor, National Certified Counselor

Laurie Anderson
(504) 491-3402
Mandeville, LA
Practice Areas
Addictions and Dependency, Career Development, Childhood & Adolescence, Couples & Family, Mental Health/Agency Counseling
National Certified Counselor

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Potty Training Accessories - Stand Up Toilet Training : Peter Potty

Peter Potty - Stand Up Toilet Training

Finally, a dad has invented a stand-up child-size urinal for toilet training little boys. The inventor, Scott Rote, is a dad who easily toilet trained two little girls but was hesitant about the upcoming battle he might go through with his third child - a boy.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics confirms the common wisdom that boys take longer to train than girls: the average toilet training age for boys is 35 months - a full 3 months later than girls. Rote wondered if there wasn't a better way and researched potty training accessories on the market, all of which encouraged training boys in a sitting position. This seemed odd, particularly since the majority of educators and practitioners say that the best way to teach children is to "model behavior."  

With this in mind, Rote, an industrial designer set out to find a potty training accessory to train boys by allowing them to stand. Rote's invention, the Peter Potty is a familiar shaped kids-size urinal, made out of lightweight hard plastic. It is not a toy, but a flushable stand-up toilet.

Quantitative research conducted independently of over 400 children shows that boys trained in a standing position reached success two months earlier. Since the majority of these ‘standing boys' were trained with a step stool/toilet method, the Peter Potty may make earlier success possible because of the features of this potty training accessory. Anecdotal evidence suggests perhaps as much as six months faster.

Whatever potty training accessory you may consider, look for the following characteristics:

  • Appealing to kids
  • Correct size-kids shouldn't be able to fall in
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Stable and secure

We like the Peter Potty because:

  • It's unique and interesting to kids.
  • The ‘real water flush' can be appealing and offers a reward for success.
  • There are no steps to climb, no fear of "falling in."
  • The size is right, adjustable for 18 months to 4 years and beyond.
  • It's simple to use and requires emptying only once per day.
  • It mimics dad's behavior and prepares kids for urinals in public facilities.

The Peter Potty also comes with hardware to secure to a wall to eliminate any fear of it tipping over. We would recommend this or keeping it in a safe spot, such as betwe...

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