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Pregnancy Clinics South Burlington VT

Pregnancy clinics offer services such as abortion, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, pregnancy counseling, ultrasounds, parenting support, and prenatal care. They may also provide advice on adoption services. Read on to learn more and to find pregnancy clinics in South Burlington, VT that offer a range of pregnancy and family services.

Fletcher Allen Health Care
(802) 847-0000
111 Colchester Avenue
Burlington, VT
General medical surgical
Hospital Type
Nongovernment, Not-for-profit

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Fletcher Allen Hospital Of Vermont
(802) 656-2345
Colchester Ave
Burlington, VT

Green MTN Animal Hosp LTD
(802) 862-7021
1693 Williston Rd
South Burlington, VT
VCA Brown Animal Hospital
(802) 862-6471
8 Calkins Ct
South Burlington, VT
Howard Center For Human Services
(802) 652-2184
300 Flynn Ave
Burlington, VT
Fletcher Allen Health Care
(802) 847-2345
111 Colchester Avenue
Burlington, VT
Medicare Number
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Orchard Veterinary Hospital
(802) 658-2273
1333 Shelburne Road
South Burlington, VT
Electronics Hospital
(802) 863-5066
3060 Williston Rd
South Burlington, VT
Moore Linda M vetnarn
(802) 863-2470
292 Pearl St
Burlington, VT
United States Government
(802) 951-6696
176 S Winooski Ave
Burlington, VT
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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs - Advice for Dads

8 Top Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you and your spouse have been trying for a baby, you may wonder about the earliest signals that will announce a pregnancy. While some women experience early symptoms that indicate pregnancy , others suspect it only when they realize that they have missed their periods.    

For those impatient aspiring dads who can't wait longer to find out, here are the eight top early pregnancy symptoms that they should look out for:

Pregnancy Symptom 1: Darkening of the nipples
Darkening of the nipples, or more precisely the skin around the nipples (called areola), could be one of the early pregnancy symptoms. However, it could also be a sign of hormonal imbalance, so hold on before you jump to the wrong conclusions.
Pregnancy Symptom 2: Odd food cravings
A sudden and inexplicable craving for certain foods is another potential, though not always reliable, sign of pregnancy . So if you find your spouse midnight snacking on a chili cheeseburger for the nth time this week, you have good reason to keep your fingers crossed.
Pregnancy Symptom 3: Headache or dizzy spells
Pregnancy will cause hormonal changes in your spouse's body that may lead to headaches. A sudden onset of headaches, especially if she never had them before, could be an early pregnancy symptom. Bouts of dizziness, due to a drop in her blood pressure, may be another early sign that she is expecting.
Pregnancy Symptom 4: Urge to urinate
During pregnancy, your spouse's body will release the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) that induces increased urination. Her frequent bathroom visits may actually be something to be happy about.
Pregnancy Symptom 5: Cranky moods
Frequent mood swings and crankiness are yet another early pregnancy symptom, as you will soon find out. While this may not be the happiest part of the pregnancy where you are concerned, at least you can blame it on those raging hormo...

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