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Single Parent Support Groups San Francisco CA

Local resource for single parent support groups in San Francisco. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to single parenting, single parent financial assistance, divorce counseling, and parent socials, as well as advice and content on support and services available for single parents.

Parents without Partners, Single Parents Community

Parents Without Partners

If you are a single parent, you need not be alone. With the help of Parents Without Partners, you can be part of an international movement that is dedicated to the interests of single parents and their children.

What is it?
Founded in 1957 in New York City, Parents Without Partners is a non-profit organization that provides single parents and their children a platform to connect with each other and build their self-confidence and personal growth. Jim Egleson and Jacqueline Bernard, the founders, felt isolated from society because of their marital status and decided to form an organization that would cater to the needs of single parents like them. After a newspaper advertisement titled "Parents Without Partners," several single parents showed interest. Today, the organization has more than thousands of members in the United States and Canada.

Why should I join?
Almost every single parent, at some point or the other, feels the need to connect with other single parents to discuss issues and seek support. Moreover, the strong sense of community that such organizations provide can actually be beneficial for children as well as the parent. Members of Parents Without Partners come from all walks of life. Divorced, separated, or never married parents participate in a range of social and educational activities for parents and children.
How do I join?
To be a member, you must be a single parent. The reason...

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