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Single Parenting Spotsylvania VA

Being a single parent can be can be tough and overwhelming at times, but there is help. Meeting other single parents is a good way to gain support, get advice and share concerns. Check below for related information, products and services.

Mrs. Jessica Northrop
Behavioral Healthcare of Fredericksburg
(540) 310-0797
312 Progress Street Suite 200
Fredericksburg, VA
Credentials: LCSW
Licensed in Virginia
9 Years of Experience
Problems Served
Aging, Behavioral Problems, Family Dysfunction, Interpersonal Relationships, Physical Illness/Impairment, Stress
Populations Served
Alzheimer's, Caregivers, Chronic Illness
Membership Organizations
Age Groups Served
Preschool (Under 6), Adolescents (13-17), Young Adults (18-25), Seniors (60 +)

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Lynda Beatty
Fredericksburg, VA
Practice Areas
Addictions and Dependency, Couples & Family, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Depression/Grief/Chronically or Terminally Ill, Mental Health/Agency Counseling
National Certified Counselor

Donna Willett
(540) 891-0817
Fredericksburg, VA
Practice Areas
Childhood & Adolescence, Clinical Mental Health, Couples & Family, Depression/Grief/Chronically or Terminally Ill, Supervision
National Certified Counselor

Family Solutions
(540) 582-5820
9241 Courthouse Rd
Spotsylvania, VA
Rappahannock Area Community Services Board
(540) 582-3980
7424 Brock Rd
Spotsylvania, VA
Marianne Merrow
(352) 753-4525
Fredericksburg, VA
Practice Areas
Clinical Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Couples & Family, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Depression/Grief/Chronically or Terminally Ill
National Certified Counselor

Roxanne Johnson
(719) 332-5155
Fredericksburg, VA
Practice Areas
Childhood & Adolescence, Couples & Family, School, Depression/Grief/Chronically or Terminally Ill
National Certified School Counselor, National Certified Counselor

Mary McGhee-Pasternak
(540) 899-9826
Fredericksburg, VA
Practice Areas
Childhood & Adolescence, Couples & Family, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Depression/Grief/Chronically or Terminally Ill, Disaster Counseling
Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor

Spotsylvania Emergency Concerns Association
(540) 582-2465
8812 Courthouse Rd
Spotsylvania, VA
Lupus Foundation Of Virgina Inc Fredericksburg Chapter
(540) 898-9238
6903 Smith Station Rd
Spotsylvania, VA
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Single Parenting, Facts about Single Parenting

Single Parenting - Four Role Models to Avoid

Nobody ever said single parenting is easy. As parents, we all learn with time. However, too often, the pressure of single parenting can be so overwhelming that it's easy to make mistakes.

Are you one of these single parents? Learn how you can avoid being one:

The Emotional Patient
Most single parents try to be a good friend to their children, which is a good thing. However, a problem arises when single dads or moms see their children as a source of emotional support. Children of single parents need stability and security. A divorce or the death of a parent can be a particularly traumatic experience for them. No matter how mature or old your children are, avoid making them your confidante on issues such as how much money you have or what a lousy day you had. Don't rob them of their time to be children. It is unfair to burden them with issues that are difficult for them to handle. If you need to speak to someone, speak to your friends or a counselor.

The Guilt Tripper
As a single parent, it is easy to feel guilty about many things. Not being around when your children need you, not being able to help them with their homework, and so on. The danger with feeling guilty all the time is that some single parents tend to develop a lower self esteem that they may pass on to the children. Don't be hard on yourself. Learn to take the ups and downs in your stride. And, by all means, don't try to bolster your self-image by fishing for compliments about what kind of parent you are.

The Permissive Parent
Children need as much love and attention as you can give them. However, some single parents make the mistake of being too permissive and never correct their children when it's necessary. Research has shown that the children brought up in overly permissive parenting style may develop behavioral problems because they do not easily accept responsibility.

Be firm and know where to dra...

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