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Summer Camps Durango CO

Summer camps are programs for children and teenagers during the summer holidays. Summer camps involve canoeing, hiking, campfires and more. See below for summer camps in Durango and find tips and advice on summer camp safety and camping tips.

Alpen Rose Rv Resort
(970) 247-5540
27847 Highway 550
Durango, CO
Hermosa Meadows Camper Park
(970) 247-3055
31420 Highway 550
Durango, CO
Koa-Durango East
(970) 247-0783
30090 Highway 160
Durango, CO
Whispering Pines Bible
(970) 247-5876
6815 County Road 203
Durango, CO
Colvig Silver Camps
(970) 247-2564
9665 County Road 240
Durango, CO
Durango Year Round RV Park
(970) 247-5199
5875 U. S. Highway 550
Durango, CO
Red Mountain Ranch
(970) 247-9796
27846 Highway 550
Durango, CO
Cotton Wood Camper Park
(970) 247-1977
21636 Highway 160
Durango, CO
Lightner Creek Campground
(970) 247-5406
1567 County Road 207
Durango, CO
Cottonwood Camper Park
(970) 247-1977
21636 Highway 160
Durango, CO

5 tips for keeping kids safe and healthy at summer camp

5 tips for keeping kids safe and healthy at summer camp

John Thompson

Kids should be reminded to follow pool rules to avoid swimming injuries at campSummer camp can be a rewarding and fun experience for kids of all ages. Whether they attend day camps or overnight camps, experts say fathers should take action to ensure their kids stay safe and healthy while attending.

"Parents should ask camp organizers basic questions about what plans they have in place to keep kids safe, handle medical emergencies, and deal with routine health needs," said Dr. Patricia Hametz, of NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.

Other parenting advice tips to keep young campers injury-free include:

1. Stay hydrated. Remind your child to drink often, even when they don't feel thirsty while spending time outdoors or in the heat. Pack a refillable water bottle to make staying hydrated easier.
2. Practice sun safety. Kids should be dressed in light-colored, lightweight clothing and should use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more every day.
3. Be safe in and around water. Remind your kids to follow all camp rules in and around pools, lakes and other bodies of water. Children should never be around water without a certified life guard on duty.
4. Protect against bugs. Using an insect repellent with no more than 30 percent DEET and avoiding scented soaps, lotions and hairsprays will help your kids keep the bugs at bay.

Dads should also make sure that the camp has all of their kids' emergency contact ...

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